Senior men to be honored Saturday

Manhattan, KS - As the Manhattan Christian College Thunder men's basketball team prepares for a two game home stretch today and tomorrow with conference opponents, they also prepare to bid farewell to two very accomplished seniors.

The two seniors who will be playing two of their final games at City Auditorium in Manhattan, are Will Chisam and David Frost. Both have played for 4 years here at MCC, and been through good times and bad on the court. But regardless of their past accomplishments, both have been very successful this season, helping the Thunder reach it's highest ranking at #3, since the 2009 season. 

The two came into college together, and both have had very successful careers for the Thunder. Their combined resume includes:

2 regular season conference champions ('12-'13 & '13-'14)

1 conference tournament championship ('13-'14)

2 trips to the national tournament ('12-'13 & '14-'15)

1 Regional championship ('14-'15)

And an overall career record of 76-48 (63.2% win percentage) including this seasons record of 15-8.


Will Thomas Walter Chisam had graduated high school with the intention of pursuing a career in ministry, but was also very interested in continuing his basketball career.

"I visited MCC and Ozark, because where I lived in Olathe, KS was right between the two. I had planned on going into a dual major at Kansas State in broadcast journalism, but ended up not doing that and pursued ministry alone," Chisam said.

Manhattan Christian College has been more than just a stop along the road for Chisam, as he says he has grown up immensly in his time spent in Manhattan.

"Being on camp team and being an RA here at MCC I've been able to come out of my shell and see what it means to be completely dedicated to God," Chisam said, "It's been great for me to develop my character and see how hard you have to work to get things done in life."

Will has been very successful on the court as well, as he has racked up some impressive career numbers, and shown lots of growth on the court in his 4 years here at MCC. He currently has career numbers of 12.3PPG, 6.5RPG, and an impressive 62% shooting from the field. 

Chisam said the thing he'll miss most about Manhattan Christian College isn't necessarily the town, but the people.

"Going to MCC and living in the dorms you grow close to guys that will be your friends the rest of your life, and that's something pretty special."

He will be graduating this spring with a degree in Bible and Leadership with emphasis in pastoral ministry and tracks in both family ministry and youth ministry. He and his wife Jenny plan to stay around the area for a year or so, as he hopes to find work at a local church. They then plan to look for jobs in the Dallas area, so they can live closer to Jenny's older sisters.


David Matthew Frost went on one college visit his senior year of high school, to Manhattan Christian College, and that was all it took to hook him. David is from Bentonville, Arkansas and coming out of high school was interested in architectural engineering as well as continuing his basketball career. 

"My head coaches coach knew of MCC and I thought I'd go look at it, knowing MCC had a dual degree program with Kansas State, I was very interested so I went on a visit. After the visit I decided that's where I wanted to be," Frost said.

David has enjoyed his time spent in Manhattan and says that it was a bit of a culture shock of sorts to come here from Arkansas, but the kind of culture shock that he's grown accustomed to.

"I would say coming from a huge high school, MCC felt more family oriented. Being in the dorms for 3 years made it feel more like family."

Frost said he'll miss all the fun times on the way to games, in practice, and just being able to play with such great guys.

David has had an impressive career himself at MCC, where he brought incredible athleticism to the court, and a great work ethic. He has been the type of player for the Thunder that records positives that don't necessarily show up on the stat sheet. Regardless, Frost has consistent career numbers recording 4.8PPG, 3.6RPG, while shooting 42.1% from the field. 

He intends to move back home after his graduation from MCC later this spring. He has majored in Management and ethics through the LEAD program here at Manhattan Christian College. 

"I'll probably move back home to Arkansas and enroll in tech school for automotive technology in the fall. That will take about 18 months, which I'll get a job at a shop after and then start my own shop later down the road."


Both seniors have been a vital part of the continued success the Thunder men's basketball team has experienced over the past decade and beyond. They have helped carry to tourch so to speak and bring the Thunder back to NCCAA prominence. 

If the Thunder can win their next four games, two coming on the road, and all of which are conference matchups, they will be crowned as the MCCC regular season champions heading into the conference tournament. 

Tune in tonight as the Thunder take on conference foe Faith Baptist Bible College at 4:15, on the MCC Network.



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2/20/2021 | Mens Basketball vs. No. 1 Barclay College | W, 109-90 
2/20/2021 | Womens Basketball vs. No. 5 Faith Baptist Bible College | W, 78-67 
2/19/2021 | Mens Basketball vs. No. 3 Faith Baptist Bible College | W, 93-70 
2/19/2021 | Womens Basketball vs. No. 7 Central Christian College of the Bible | W, 64-57