MCC Men To Open Nationals Against North Central University

The field has been set for the NCCAA II National Tournament and the men's basketball team will be the #10 seed in the ten team field and will open with the #7 seed, North Central University (MN).  North Central University is the champion from the North Central Region, they defeated Faith Baptist Bible College in their regional championship.  The game is scheduled Wednesday, March 11 at 3:00pm (Eastern Time) on the campus of Ohio Christian University.  Tourbeau Sports will be streaming all of the games and you can pay to watch them here and you can see the full bracket for the tournament.

MCC Scoreboard

2/25/2021 | Mens Basketball vs. No. 2s Arlington Baptist College | L, 88-81 
2/20/2021 | Mens Basketball vs. No. 1 Barclay College | W, 109-90 
2/20/2021 | Womens Basketball vs. No. 5 Faith Baptist Bible College | W, 78-67 
2/19/2021 | Mens Basketball vs. No. 3 Faith Baptist Bible College | W, 93-70 
2/19/2021 | Womens Basketball vs. No. 7 Central Christian College of the Bible | W, 64-57